Gloomy Tuesday

The hubs and I were discussing Charlie Sheen last night, as I’m sure a lot of people were. Side note, I often think it’s stupid for people to discuss celebrities, but I think there’s something we can learn in this case. I couldn’t get over how well he came across  in interviews. He seems so insightful now, he realizes exactly what he did. I don’t remember him being like this before. But the truth is, I don’t really remember how he was before the whole spectacle began last February. That’s the problem, nobody does.

The hubs thinks he will be back on the show, but I think that even if his character could return from the dead, too much has happened. People need to realize that actions have consequences. You can’t go around saying whatever you want; sometimes, a line is crossed and you just can’t go back to how things were. So you apologize and move forward, taking your lessons with you.

Enough about Mr.. Sheen, on to the food! I decided to prep dinner while I packed my lunch. This was probably a smart move since it is such a gloomy day. Sanitizing my kitchen after cutting up raw chicken takes awhile, which led to a more pathetic version of yesterday’s breakfast. But, dinner will be 85% done and waiting in the Crockpot when I get home, so I think that is a fair trade!


Lunch is quite possibly my favorite meal, I could eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. This wrap was made with a Flat Out wrap, barbeque turkey breast, alpine lace Swiss, jalapeno hummus and organic spring mix. I packed some veggies and an orange on the side.


I packed a great snack afternoon snack, vanilla yogurt with raspberries and a sprinkle of walnuts and chocolate chips! P9190515


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