Is self-confidence a learned behavior?

There is something that is just sexy about self-confidence. Those who have it, seem to have it down; and those who don’t, just don’t. But, what if this line, real or imagined, is not really a line at all. How difficult is it to cross over to that other side?

I took more than my fair share of psychology courses in college (I actually have a minor in psychology) and believe that much of behavior is learned. I also believe that since it is learned, we have the capacity for change.

That said,  I do not think change is easy, by any means. It takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit, and that is if you work at it every day. Change might just be one of the hardest things in life; it involves exploring the unknown, being outside of your comfort zone, and trying your best to stay there until it gets comfortable…and repeating that again, and again until it feels natural.

It’s one thing to talk about the idea of becoming self-confident and another entirely to do it. But, I’m getting tired of just thinking about it, the time has come to follow through.

My plan is to:

  1. Fake it ‘till I make it (obviously, I’m a big fan of this motto) – when in doubt, feign confidence
  2. Let go of negativity – I might not be perfect, but I AM enough
  3. Smile – this goes along with #1 & #2
  4. Be realistic, change takes time

Here goes nothing!

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