Negative Splits – Positive Attitude

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling good as new. I went for a run on my new route and had negative splits! My average pace was 9:59/mi (10:11, 9:59, 9:49)! My good run stayed with me all day and had a positive impact on my mood. I guess exercise really is good for your well being.

I packed up breakfast and lunch for the road. I ended up having the english muffin with some peanut butter from my stash at work for breakfast and the enchilada with veggies for lunch. I’m so glad I froze some leftover enchiladas last week. This was so easy to throw in my bag and it reheated well in the microwave.


I spotted Oikos smoothies at the grocery store this weekend. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but they are a bit too sweet and a little more watery then I expected. I figured they would be thicker since they are made with greek yogurt. It worked as a quick afternoon snack, but I’m not sure I would buy them again.


The hubs is a big fan of Manwich…but I’m not a big fan of the ingredients. A few weeks ago, while browsing the aisles at Whole Foods, I discovered an alternative decided to give it a shot.


It was pretty easy to make, just brown ground beef with some chopped onions, then combine mix packet with a cup of water and a small can of tomato paste and add it to the cooked beef and heat for 15 minutes.

The verdict – I thought it was pretty good, but the hubs loved it! He said it compared to his beloved Manwich, so that’s definitely a win! I’ve made homemade Sloppy Joes before, but they didn’t pass the “Manwich test”. We had the Sloppy Joes on whole wheat potato buns with broccoli and baked fries.

On the home front..I have so much laundry to put away, I need to figure out how to get on top of it. I feel like laundry, dishes, clearing off the counter are some of the worst household chores. They are never completely finished since you’re always going to make another dish, have another batch of laundry to do, or another pile of junk mail to go through…uhhhgh!

Do you have any tips for staying on top of your “chores” so they don’t take over your life?

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