Through the eyes of a four-year-old

Saturday was awesome. It began early, I spent the morning watching my niece’s creative dance class. She started out kind of nervous and I could sense that, so I had her show me the ropes – where do we go inside, where do you change your shoes, etc. She completely took charge and showed me exactly what needed to be done. The class itself  was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time and it really made my day. I think the world is a different place through the eyes of a 4-year-old. I love the energy they put into what they do, the way they get distracted smiling at themselves in the mirror because they are so happy with what they see, and how excited they get over stickers.

After dance we spent the rest of the day together and had a really great time. It was kind of damp and grey out, but that didn’t matter. We played with the cat (why do kids love cat toys?), visited Grandpa, went to Build-a-Bear, got McDonalds for lunch (I’m not a fan of the grilled chicken they put on the salads. YUCK), and played on the swings. I just can’t get over the stuff that comes out of my niece’s mouth. I don’t know how she puts some things together, but she has a lot of insight for a little kid. I wonder if we all start out that way.

Our good friends, Dan and Kate, were away on vacation for the last few weekends, so we had some catching up to do that evening. The girls enjoyed a couple glasses of wine before dinner, while the guys went to the driving range to work on their swing.  We had a great time. I love spending weekends hanging out at home or at our friend’s place.  As usual, before the night was officially over I was asleep on the couch! It’s not my fault, wine + UFC = sleepiness. At least I was wide awake to keep the hubs company while we drove home.

Sunday and Monday were uneventful…I was strangely hormonal and moody…thankfully I don’t really remember them, nor are they documented. I’m going to just pretend they didn’t happen 🙂

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