Catching Up

Good morning! I’m almost caught up…almost! Maybe once I get there, I will be able to keep it up. We shall see.

Yesterday morning, I decided to start my day off with another morning workout. I had a lovely 45 minute elliptical session while reading The Tipping Point. It is definitely interesting, and Gladwell makes some good observations, but 40 pages in I’m already a bit – I don’t know what the right word is, skeptical, perhaps? – regarding some of the generalizations and assumptions. Maybe I’ll do a review when I’m finished reading it.


I made a quick smoothie and grabbed a (steamed) hardboiled egg before running out the door. I used frozen strawberries, banana chunks, vanilla yogurt, ground flax, water, and a few ice cubes.


I’m not sure if it is just me, but my Magic Bullet eats through silicone gaskets like it is going out of style. It seems like every few times I use it, I end up with chunks of gasket in my smoothie. Thankfully, I was able to pick most of them out. I guess I shouldn’t complain though, I got it out of the hubs grandparents’ attic – they had two of them just sitting up there, brand-new.


I had a great salad for lunch. I topped romaine and baby spinach with olives, garden tomatoes, cheddar cheese, a hardboiled egg,, sunflower seeds and red pepper vinaigrette.  P9280036 

A few hours later I had some watermelon for a snack. This was an impulse buy, but a good one! The “personal” watermelons were sitting right next to the door at the grocery store. Somehow, I’ve managed to make it last a few days.


I was out of gum and kind of fought the snacky urge all afternoon. I remember reading someplace that if you are hungry, you are hungry for anything (I think the example was green beans). But, since the only thing I wanted was chocolate, I figured it was a false alarm.


Sometimes, the best meals are the ones that you just throw together. I had a container full of tomatoes that I roasted over the weekend and I really wanted to use them up. While some whole wheat pasta cooked, I heated some garlic and olive oil, then added the roasted tomatoes and 2 chopped precooked chicken sausages. When the pasta was done, I added it to the same pan and seasoned everything with pepper, basil, crushed red pepper, and a little parmesan cheese. I threw a big handful of baby spinach in mine for some extra veggies.


While everything heated through, I made us Caesar salads. I love how easy my microplane makes grating parmesan and it comes out nice and fine.


Later on, I had a serving of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia fro-yo for dessert. I think Ben & Jerry’s makes the best ice cream/fro-yo but Breyer’s is a close second. Their Vanilla Bean is my favorite vanilla, I love those little vanilla bean specks.

What’s your favorite brand of ice cream or fro-yo? Which do you like better, frozen yogurt or ice cream? (I like both equally!)

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