Slow salad eater

Happy Thursday! This morning I woke up to rain which pretty much axed my plans to go for a run. I suppose it is for the best though, aside from the last few weeks I haven’t been utilizing my elliptical enough. It’s great for at home workouts and requires very little planning – which is good for me. While I love the idea of planning, and I’m great at planning things for work or for other people, in my personal life it is just not my forte.  


I took a yogurt bowl for the road this morning. It was vanilla yogurt, bananas, and kashi golean crisp with some ground flax and walnuts mixed in. The walnuts made for a great addition, I need to remember to use them more often. Walnuts and flaxseed both happen to be great sources of Omega-3s.



Lunch was strangely similar to yesterday’s. That either means that I didn’t plan ahead or I really like it – in this case, both are true. I mixed it up a little and added some shredded carrots today and I forgot to add sunflower seeds on top.


I love having big salads for lunch, but I don’t like how long it takes me to eat them. I’m not a fast eater by any means, but I’m usually done when everyone else is. But, when I eat a salad, it takes me at least double the time to finish. I don’t understand what happens. Maybe I’m too careful or maybe I’m digging through to select the perfect bite? Sometimes it deters me from packing salads though, I don’t like to spend that long eating.


I had some watermelon late in the afternoon. I realized I’d been staring at the computer without blinking for 2 hours! I need to work on my screen stare and ergonomics. I can’t sit still like that all day, there is no way it is good for me.


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