What’s your Monday morning routine?

Are all days created equally? I sure don’t think so.



Ok, so I’m not as bad as Grumpy! For the most part, I have decided to embrace my case of the Mondays by planning ahead so I don’t let myself down. Know your shortcomings and embrace them while you work toward changing. Change never comes overnight. I’m  a big fan of the quote, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” – Winston Churchill

How I embrace Mondays

  • I don’t plan an important workout. Sometimes, I’ll do some elliptical-ing or a workout from Exercise TV on demand…sometimes I’ll do a little stretching when I watch TV at night. More often than not, Mondays are a rest day.
  • I prep/plan my lunch the night before. Sometimes I pack leftovers for lunch (<-check out blog!), other times I make a grain salad, like Mexican Quinoa Salad. If I am short on time, I’ll just throw a quick salad together or grab a can of soup.
  • I try to pick out my clothes. I probably do this 50% of the time, but I want to get better at it. When I do this, I actually plan a few outfits since I never know what I’ll feel like wearing. I hate ironing, so if I must iron I like to have it done the night before (so hubs is available to iron it for me). On a good week, I’ll plan about 4 outfits all at once and it is such a great feeling to have them ready to go.
  • I sleep in a little later. I can never fall asleep on Sunday nights! (I know I should work on that.) But, I’m not going to the gym and it’s unlikely I’m going for a run or cross training before work, so I might as well just sleep in a bit – especially since lunch is ready and my clothes are picked out.


After a weekend enjoying iced coffees, I was happy reunite myself with my coffee maker this morning. It has the the loudest grinder I’ve ever heard, but it is worth it for freshly ground beans. I can definitely tell the difference when I have pre-ground coffee.


I whipped up a quick breakfast that I enjoyed at home.

PA030038  PA030039 PA030040

I combined

  • ~4 oz of plain yogurt
  • ~2 oz of pure pumpkin
  • ~1/2 packet stevia in the raw

After mixing the pumpkin yogurt thoroughly, I made a yogurt bowl with 1 sliced (overripe banana) and 2/3 cup Kashi Golean crisp.


I’m looking forward to my Mexican Quinoa Salad. It has all the flavors I associate with my favorite Mexican foods, like cumin, jalapenos, and black beans. Minus the quinoa, I bet it would make a great chunky salsa!

Today, I packed it cold on top of some baby collard greens.


For lunch accoutrements and afternoon snackage, I’ve got some more watermelon and another pomegranate berry smoothie. I’m sure you can use your imagination or check out last weeks posts to see what those look like 🙂

I’ve got some plans to hang out with friends tonight and that makes my Monday even better!

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