One of THOSE mornings

Today,  I had one of those mornings. I should have had a ton of time this morning since I had a late morning appointment to get to, but somehow it all disappeared. One minute I was catching up on emails and the next I was rushing around to get ready.

Once I finally got out the door, I got on the highway and went in the wrong direction – and I didn’t realize it for 5 minutes.

Then, after my appointment I needed to the GPS on my phone to get to work, but it couldn’t find any satellites. And I got lost. Eventually, I figured it out – but I was too distracted to remember I was supposed to stop and use my coupon for a FREE small iced latte at Dunkin Donuts.


Somewhere in that madness, I gobbled this down while rushing  around in hopes of following it up with an iced latte.


By time I made it to work, it was almost lunch time. I finished off the rest of the Mexican Quinoa Salad while catching up on some work. I had it on top of some chopped romaine lettuce and topped it with black olives and cholula sauce. It’s my favorite hot sauce, I even keep a bottle at work!

A few hours later I was starving. Obviously, I did not have enough for breakfast. I finally got my FREE iced latte and had a chocolate brownie Zbar. I think I got my chocolate fix for the day!


When I left this morning, it seemed like the dishwasher was working again – but I was wrong. I didn’t want to make any more dishes since I’ll be washing everything by hand until it gets fixed. Thankfully, we had leftovers from last night! The Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese was just as good reheated as it was last night.

I made some garlicky greens to go with it by heating some olive oil and chopped garlic, then I added a bunch of baby collard greens and let it cook a few minutes before adding some lemon juice and crushed red pepper. This is my favorite way to eat my greens.

I’m off to look for something sweet! Perhaps some chocolate and a cup of tea? It’s finally cold enough to enjoy a cup of tea before bedtime.

How many hours until the weekend?

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