Saturday Adventures – Cows & Norm MacDonald

There’s nothing I like better than a three-day-weekend. Three days is just long enough to accomplish the perfect balance between fun and chores and it reminds me exactly why I work so hard during the week.

tiggy catSome of us think every day is the weekend

Saturday morning started out early with a haircut. For some reason, when I made the appointment, 8am sounded like a good idea. After hanging out at our friends’ house until after midnight watching Bridesmaids, 8am was brutal! But, like any other morning once I was up and moving everything was fine. Getting up is always the hardest part.


It was a little more than a trim, and I meant to let it grow out a bit, but I just couldn’t go through with it. Change is hard!

Once I got home, hubs decided he was going out for a haircut too, so I decided to go for a run. Yup, I’m bass ackwards, but sometimes you just need to do what works! It was such a nice morning and it was nice to see all the runners out, I’m not used to being up that early! It wasn’t an easy run, but somehow I managed an overall pace of 10:00/mi – it took some work to get it there. My lower body was screaming from the lunges and step-ups I did on Friday. I suppose that means I should try to incorporate more of those into my life.

After my run, the hubs and I took a ride to Panera Bread for some bagels. I was not happy to hear they have discontinued the sundried tomato cream cheese, that was my favorite! I don’t go there very often, but I’d been getting that flavor cream cheese for the last 10 years. Which reminds me,  it was 10 years ago that Dunkin Donuts discontinued their sundried tomato bagel 😦 Am I the only person who ordered these things? I ended up getting a wheat bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. It was good, but it tasted kind of desserty. I think I’m for of a savory foods girl.

On the way home, we took a detour to Wrights Dairy Farm! Cows are one of my favorite animals (the other is Elephants), I could watch them for hours.

PA080064 PA080062 PA080065

The calves were all outside in these “calf igloos” and people are allowed to pet them if they come up to the fence – but they were all snuggled up together and wouldn’t come over and see us. I tried pretty hard to get them to come over to us, but apparently they don’t respond to kissy noises like cats and dogs do.

2011-10-08_11-44-45_322 2011-10-08_11-43-57_546 2011-10-08_11-44-30_21

After staring at the cows for a good 45 minutes, we took a walk around the bakery! We went a little crazy, getting some magic bars and frost your own cinnamon buns, but we also got some staples like skim milk, chocolate milk, and eggs. I also got a cow glass that will be great for smoothies!


The eggs are delivered daily from Stamp Farm. I usually get these eggs anyway, since I really like to make it a point to get eggs from “happy” chickens. At this farm, the chickens “roam their three-story coop freely, without cages, and are fed a vegetarian diet without hormones or steroids. They also don’t believe in beak clipping, which is a practice that really bothers me! If chickens have enough space, they won’t peck at each other.


Saturday night, we had tickets to see Norm MacDonald at Foxwoods! I remember back when Norm was on Saturday Night Live. I probably wasn’t supposed to, but I would stay up late and watch it with my cousin when she babysat.


I’ve always thought Norm’s humor was just a little bit “off”, but I still think he is freakin’ hilarious. He must have stood up on stage for over 2 hours, and basically he just talked – but he was funny doing it. That’s got to be such an awesome job! It seemed like he was having a good time, he even laughs at a lot of his own jokes, which is something I love.

We laughed a lot and had a great time. I’m not sure if I like Foxwoods though, it is such a massive place. At one point, the hubs and I parked in a lot that seemed like miles away from where we needed to be and had to move the car since we only had an hour to figure out where we needed to go. Even once we were inside, it took awhile to find the Fox Theater. We found the 3D map kind of hard to navigate. Maybe it’s just us?


After the show, we finished up the night with a late dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We weren’t sure where to go, but we figured we could depend on the Hard Rock! We shared the nachos and I had their Cobb Salad without bacon. There were quite a few bachelorette parties having dinner there as well and they all seemed to be having a blast! It was nice to have a night out with just the hubs and I, we always have such an awesome time together – but it isn’t to often we go out just the two of us.

We’re off to tackle our our day off. I think there might be a visit to the  Scituate Art Festival!

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