Cat Powered Alarm Clock

This morning, around 4am, I was woken up from a deep sleep by an 8lb cat standing on my clock radio’s power button. This was not the first time he’s done this, but it isn’t something you ever learn to expect. I need to figure out something to stop this from happening.

I had to carpool with hubs today and that always makes for a rushed morning. It’s so hard for two people to get ready at the same time with one tiny bathroom. Needless to say, 2 bathrooms is on my wish-list when we start looking at houses.

Before running out the door I managed to grab the last 2 slices of leftover pizza to have for breakfast. It was good cold, but when given the choice I would always pick to have my pizza reheated in the oven. That’s the only way to recrisp the crust!

I was really looking forward to the lunch I packed last night and it did not disappoint. I used one of my homemade pretzel rolls to make a sandwich with a few thin slices of prosciutto, a slice of fresh mozzarella, and a big handful of baby spinach.


On the side, I had some unpictured carrot sticks and strawberries.

After work, I went for a 3.0 mile run. The weather was perfect, it was right around 60 degrees and the sun was starting to set. It should have been perfect, but instead it took me awhile to get into it.

I tend to switch back and forth between morning runs and evening sessions on the elliptical, but I was not a big fan of running in the evening. Perhaps it is something I would be able to adjust to? I just don’t see what the apparent difference is. I’ll have to take this into account when I plan my training for the Princess Half Marathon in February, it will be tricky as it because I really want to make sure I do some of my runs, long runs especially, outside. I have no idea what the weather will be like and it’s difficult to run around here when the snow starts piling up.

Tonight, dinner was easy! I thawed and reheated some leftover Sloppy Joe filling and rolls that I froze a couple of weeks ago. On the side, I sautéed some broccoli and spinach with garlic, crushed red pepper, and lemon juice.


And for dessert, I enjoyed one of the Magic Bars from Wrights Dairy Farm Bakery. These are so good and super coconutty!


I have a feeling I’ll be trying to recreate these babies in the near future.

My plans for the rest of the evening include catching up on some reading and working on a fall flower arrangement. Hopefully, it will come out good and I’ll have some pictures to share tomorrow.

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