Scituate Art Festival

It was halfway through the third and final day, but we made it to the Scituate Art Festival!


Before we ventured out, hubs made us breakfast! It was just what I needed to drag myself out of bed after our late night. He made scrambled eggs, rye toast, and bacon with strawberries and coffee on the side.


It was HOTTT outside on Monday! 85 degrees is not my ideal walking through crowds temperature, but I’m glad we made it a point to go anyway.

PA100085 No idea why I’m smiling so big…

I cannot believe I was able to wear a tank top on Columbus Day. Is sweater season on its way? I’m more of a sweater, scarf, and boots kind of girl.

This year was the Scituate Art Festival’s 45th year. There were so many great exhibitors and the artwork was beautiful. My favorites were the winter scenes and the photographs. I am very new to photography (i.e. I am still trying to figure out how to take decent pictures with my point and shoot digital camera), but I love beautiful photographs. The ones I was most drawn to were all well over $300, yikes! Although they weren’t in my price range, I’m sure they were worth it. I can’t even imagine how much time photographers put into their work.

I did make one artsy purchase! I picked out a pair of dangly handmade sterling silver earrings. I got a pair from the same exhibitor last year as well. Scituate Art Festival

Before we left we grabbed a half dozen clam cakes and some kettle corn to share for “lunch”. I like clam cakes, but three was enough to satisfy my clam cake craving.

PA100083 PA100084

I’m not sure what we were thinking with this huge bag of kettle corn, we didn’t even make a dent in it.


I always leave art festivals and craft fairs feeling inspired, hopefully I can put that inspiration to good use this week and do some Fall decorating.

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