Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. This morning, for some reason, I was thinking about mirrors.

Mirrors are everywhere, and sure they have important purposes, one can reflect light or sound off of them and they are used in telescopes, lasers and cameras – and of course they are useful for things like doing your makeup or straightening your hair in the morning.

My problem isn’t with those scientific or useful cases when a mirror is the perfect tool for the task – my issue is the mirror becomes its own entity. When it has a voice that is louder than your own. If you remember Snow White, you probably remember the Evil Queen’s daily ritual. Every day she asked the mirror if she was the “fairest of them all”, she needed that validation, it was what kept her going. And when she lost it, she went to any means necessary in hope of getting it back.


My point is that the mirror cannot be our validation. Validation is something that needs to come from within. I’m all for a little healthy grooming and maintenance, but if you are having a problem with what you see when you look in the mirror, then what needs to change is the way you see. As corny as it might sound, once we all realize that we are enough – the world will see it too.


Now, on to the eats! Today, I was clearly craving carbs and I just went with it…

I actually sat down and had breakfast at the table. On. a. weekday. It felt foreign to me.

The breakfast theme continued with a little breakfast for lunch.

In the afternoon, there was an (unpictured) apple. It was my first time having an Empire apple and I like them a lot. They are nice and crunchy – good thing, I have a tote full of them.

After work, the hubs decided to “make” dinner by ordering some takeout

While we waited for the pizza to arrive, I finished off the guacamole from last night. I had less than a serving of blue tortilla chips (Target’s organic brand, my favorite!) with waaay more than a serving of guacamole.

Thankful Thursday

These are some things I’m feeling extra thankful for. (I’ve included 2, since I missed last week.)

  • My awesome family who is always there to listen to me, even when I get really “into” things.
  • People who smile

Check out my recently updated All About Me and my Fitness page!

Does anyone have fun weekend plans? TGIF!

Friday night, my niece is sleeping over and we are going to make meatballs together. Then on Saturday, we are taking her to dance and spending the afternoon together. She’s 4 and I think that is the perfect age 🙂

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3 Responses to Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  1. The cinnamon roll looks so yummy! I haven’t had one of those things in way too long. I should make some this weekend! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    Tonight we’re having a “pumpkin carving party” with some of our friends, and plenty of pumpkin treats will be included!

    • That sounds like fun! I haven’t gotten a pumpkin yet, I need to get moving 🙂 I never carved pumpkins as a kid, but I’ve done it the last few years and can’t believe I missed out on it all those years

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