The Weekend That Was – Part I

It’s been a whirlwind of a week so far…and it’s only Tuesday, awesome! I really can’t complain though, I’d take being busy over having nothing to do any day 🙂 I’m pretty good under pressure.

I can’t let the weekend go without a quick recap. Fun was had, food was consumed, errands were run…

Friday night Hubs and our niece, Ari, made Meatballs for dinner. She stood up on a stool the whole time and did such a great job helping. She poured ingredients in, ground fresh pepper, mixed, and even rolled most of the meatballs herself as Hubs scooped the mixture. I was kind of worried about her handling the raw meat, but she listened really well and didn’t touch anything when her hands were dirty. There was a lot of hand washing.

Bambi was on before and after dinner and while I was in the kitchen cleaning up a bit, I heard the following. Keep in mind this was over an hour into the movie…

Ari (to Hubs) – “Hey, what happened to his (Bambi’s) mom”

Hubs – “Umm, see…..he’s older now, I think he moved out”

What the heck?! What was I supposed to do, shout, “No…no that’s not in, don’t you remember the hunter? Back in the beginning?” Eeks.

Later in the evening, we were getting ready to play Candyland and Ari spotted a Netflix envelope on the coffee table. She asked if we had the Backyardigans on our TV like she does at home. Now, I don’t have anything against the Backyardigans, but I have to admit I was pretty surprised to that one of their songs, “Scurvy Pirate”, is sung to the tune of “Drunken Sailor”. Is it just me, or is that strange?


Saturday morning, Hubs whipped up breakfast for us while I got dressed and got Ari ready for her dance class.

Yikes, I realize I’ve had bacon two weekends in a row. It’s funny, because I would never order it in a restaurant. But, when Hubs makes it, I tend to just go with it.

After dance we went to see The Lion King in 3D. Aside from the stampede, which we somehow missed due to an actual bathroom break (I swear I didn’t plan it), I like The Lion King! Some of the character performances were pretty cool in 3D. My only complaint is that the glasses are much too big for a 4-year-old. I’m surprised she was able to keep them on for the whole movie.


I had a professor in college who felt that Disney instills fear in children, one of his examples was that many of the movies deal with a dramatic loss of a parent, requiring the child to go off into the big scary world alone. Clearly, both Bambi and The Lion King fit into this theory, but I like to think there is another reason for why this theme is so prevalent.

Lunch was Subway, where I had a 6” veggie on wheat with Swiss cheese and all the veggies. Then, we went to the playground! I did the monkey bars and my shoulders are still sore 🙂 The bars were farther apart than any I’ve seen before.

After we dropped our niece off, we stopped at my Mom’s house to pick peppers from the garden. It has been such a weird season for the garden, but suddenly the bell peppers are all starting to ripen and there are a ton of jalapenos too. I even found a couple of tomatoes! They aren’t as good as the ones I picked in August, but I’ll take a garden tomato over a supermarket tomato any day.

We had a good time catching up with my mom, but we had to leave since we had a party to get to! I ran home and made the Ultimate healthified buffalo chicken dip. When I saw this on Healthy & Sane a of couple weeks ago, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out very long before making it. I love buffalo sauce!

To speed the prep a bit, I cooked the chicken on Friday night. Since the oven was already on, I just cooked it in a foil packet at 350 degrees until it was done. I followed the recipe as written, but had to sub non-fat plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream, since I forgot to pick that up at the store. I served it with baby carrots, celery and pita chips. This recipe made a lot of dip, but somehow it all went 🙂

Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend recap!

Something to talk about…

  • Have you ever substituted Greek Yogurt for sour cream? What did you think?
  • Does anyone else analyze Disney, or am I the only one?
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4 Responses to The Weekend That Was – Part I

  1. So nonfat Greek yogurt worked great too? Good to know! 🙂

  2. I use plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream all the time! I love it. I notice a SLIGHTLY sweeter taste with the Greek yogurt compared to the sour cream, but I actually really like it! It’s great to know that I’m eating something so much healthier and it’s packed with protein.

    • Hmm…now that you say that, I think I’ve noticed that before. At the time, I didn’t identify that taste as sweeter, but that’s definitely it. Thanks! I really only notice that when I use it as a topping, like on tacos or a salad.

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