Cranky Pants

Over the weekend, I took a bit of a break from technology. I may have checked Twitter a couple of times and even clicked on a link or two that caught my interest, but the laptop remained closed.

I had great intentions to do some cleaning and baking. I had planned to do some blogging and practice taking photos in the daylight, but those things didn’t really happen.

Instead, I was kind of cranky and hormonal. I felt a lot like this guy.


And I may have said those very words. I was wearing my cranky pants.

Eats were a combination of healthy and not-so-healthy, which would be fine if I’d remembered to eat at regular intervals. I guess I can’t win them all.


I was off to such a great start, I packed some toppings and made some microwave oats at work.

 oats in a mug coffee

There was an unpictured Greek wrap in a wheat wrap with lots of veggies for lunch and some (gross) Chinese food for dinner that my brother-in-law had promised would be good.  I also had a few wedges of a long lost dark chocolate orange that I found in our cabinet.


After sleeping in, Hubs and I went for a quick run. Neither of us were hungry afterwards, so we decided to get giant iced coffees for “breakfast”. Obviously, whipped cream was necessary.


Hubs finally gave in and got some lunch around 3pm. I stole a few fries, but I still wasn’t hungry. Then, we met up with some friends to visit Salem, MA and go on a Witch Trial tour. The tour was not what we expected at all. Our guide was very hard to follow and we weren’t taken very close to any of the locations he spoke of. We hope to go back and visit the Salem Witch museum another time.

On the way back to our friends’ place, I realized I was starving! Since it was over an hour drive, we made a quick stop at a convenience store so I could pick up a bottle of water and a Caramello to share with hubs. I didn’t even know they still made those! We ordered meatball, green pepper, and onion pizza for dinner.


I’m pretty sure I had 3 pieces…and a large garden salad I was probably supposed to share. This is a good reminder why I do not skip meals.


I slept way too late, but I made up for it by making French toast for breakfast.


I topped mine with some plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon apples, and some maple syrup.

My sister was home from college this weekend and came over to visit for a bit! We ended up running some errands together. We went to Whole Foods, Target, and iParty. I think my Halloween costume is almost complete!

I picked up some Tomato Basil soup for lunch.


In the evening, we all went to my Dad and Stepmom’s for dinner! We had pasta with homemade meatballs and salad. I also had a couple much needed glasses of wine.

Hubs and I hadn’t been there in over a week, so we had some catching up to do 🙂 It was the perfect ending to the weekend.

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