Different Strokes for Different Folks

What a corny phrase, right? But sometimes, corny fits. I should also warn you that most of my jokes are corny, as is the fact that I throw my head back and laugh hysterically at them. I’m that girl.

Even though I sometimes choose to hide it a little, I dance to the beat of my own drum. I suppose it is only fitting that my cat does the same. Sometimes, especially when other cats walk by the window or visit, I question if he even knows that he is a cat. IMG_0048

I don’t worry about it though, he seems pretty happy – plus, I feel pretty safe knowing he’s keeping an eye on the backyard.

Yesterday, I started my day with every intention to maintain the status quo around here. I had my camera and I was ready to go.

I had a a microwave mishap and took a photo to capture it.


Note to self, adding boiling water to a plastic jar filled with chopped apples and heating it for 30 seconds means that you’re boiling water in a plastic jar for 30 seconds. Obviously, that didn’t end well.  I know better than to put plastic in the microwave. Thank goodness my favorite (and local!) peanut butter, Teddie, comes in glass jars.

Don’t worry, I threw away the jar, chopped up the rest of the apple and had some boring Mighty Maple Peanut Butter-less oats in a mug (OIAM? LOL)  I even took a picture, but I am guessing you can use your imagination to come up with something sufficient 🙂

I made a wrap in my new favorite tortillas using the hubs’ southwest turkey, hummus, lettuce, and tomato. I even took a picture of it, as well as the accompanying carrots and pickle I enjoyed with it. It looked like a wrap in a Tupperware container and while it was tasty, I know my photos aren’t art (try saying that 3x fast).

I  had a couple of my SnackWells-esque cookies while checking things off my to-do list at work. It wasn’t an exciting day, but it was Wednesday and I liked it just fine.

Aha Moments

Hubs jokes with me that the great secrets to life do not all present themselves in the form of aha moments. But, this is just one of those things I like to think he is wrong about 😉 While whipping up a quick lasagna that I made simply because I had an open box of oven ready lasagna noodles and a baggie full of frozen meat sauce in the freezer – I had another aha moment.

“An ‘aha’ moment is any sudden comprehension that allows you to see something in a different light. It could be a solution to a problem; it could be getting a joke or suddenly recognizing a face. It could be realizing that a friend of yours is not really a friend.” source

I wasn’t really measuring ingredients, I was using sauce I made two months ago, I wasn’t doing anything exciting – yet I was thinking about how I wanted to present it, how I could photograph it. And then I thought about it, I’ve made better lasagnas – ones with wonderful sauces that simmer for hours and are prepared lovingly over the course of a day, or even a weekend. If I’m going to sit down and write about lasagna – I’m going to write about my lasagna at its best. All I was doing was making dinner. I don’t need to blog about it. Oh yea, duh…I knew that. I got caught up in something I never really set out to do.

I love reading blogs. I subscribe to quite a few in my google reader, but the first ones I ever read were healthy living blogs written by bloggers who posted daily eats style. Some of them make blogging look easy and I’m still amazed that people are able to churn out 2 or 3 posts a day – but I don’t have that sort of time.

Most days, I have time to write one post. And if I’m going do that, I want to be able to say something, to pose a question, share a recipe, talk about running, training, TV, or just ramble. For me, writing about my daily eats distracts me from the things I want to write about. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking bloggers who post their daily eats – different strokes for different folks.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up trying to figure out where you fit in, that you start to forget that fitting in isn’t the objective…

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3 Responses to Different Strokes for Different Folks

  1. This is all so true. Initially it’s easy to think about why you start your blog, but once you start reading others, it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others and wondering where you fit in. Every few weeks, I make sure I “check in” with my blog writing to make sure I am writing how I want to and not how others want me to.

  2. This is all so true! I make sure I do a “check in” with myself every few weeks to make sure I am writing how I want to write and not necessarily how others want me to write.

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