Warm & Cozy (& Ladder Speedwork)

I got up at 5am this morning. And, although that’s a feat in itself for me, I’m going to give myself a little extra credit because this is what I woke up to.


A snow covered windshield. In October. You’ve got to be kidding me. I should’ve stayed in my warm, cozy bed.

I know some people talk about the weather because they are just making conversation – but, I’m not one of those people. I actually think the weather is pretty interesting.

Especially when it looks like this:


It looks like it’s going to rain/snow from Saturday into Sunday, the day of my Halloween 5K. Booo (No pun intended). I’m not necessarily a fair weather runner, but I’m not ready to brave the snow yet!

I had an awesome speed workout today. I’m new to speedwork and this was only my second “formal” workout. Last week, when I wrote about my tempo run, Leah commented that she does track work, like ladders for her speedwork. Since I’m pretty easily influenced, I decided to give it a shot today. .

Ladder Speed Workout

I completed this run on a treadmill, set at an incline of 0.5%, but you could easily do it on a track. I wasn’t sure what speeds to pick, but this is what I started with:

  • Rest Interval – 0.25 mi @6.0 (10:00/mi)
  • Speed Interval – 0.25 mi @7.0 (8:34/mi)
  • Rest Interval – 0.25 mi @6.0 (10:00/mi)
  • Speed Interval – 0.50 mi @7.0 (8:34/mi)
  • Rest Interval – 0.25 mi @6.0 (10:00/mi)
  • Speed Interval – 0.75 mi @7.0 (8:34/mi)
  • Rest Interval – 0.25 mi @6.0 (10:00/mi)
  • Speed Interval – 1.0 mi @7.1 (8:27/mi) I realized I was almost done, so I picked it up a bit
  • Rest Interval – 0.25 mi @6.0 (10:00/mi)

My average pace was under 9:00/mi for 3.6 miles – which is amazing for me.

This makes me wonder, could I possibly use this strategy for my race on Sunday? I’m not sure I could maintain that kind of pace without the treadmill, but part of me wants to try! Some people run races using the walk/run method, maybe I could use the run/jog method 🙂

In other news…I picked up some Fall treats at Target after work.


I like beverages, a lot. I’m usually fine with water, but the cool weather makes me crave warm, cozy drinks. Regular coffee and tea fill this need sometimes, but most of the warm drinks that tempt me, like lattes and hot chocolate, are loaded with too many calories or artificial sweeteners, and they often cost too much. I picked this combo up for $4.77! I foresee quite a few Chai teas with pumpkin spice soymilk in my future. Hubs teased me for buying clearance milk, but that doesn’t phase me a bit. The expiration date isn’t until December 🙂

I’m probably going to need some warm, cozy drinks to get through this weekend, but I’m ready. Bring it on!

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