Fish Are Friends, Food is Food

I go between phases where I love to cook and phases where I can’t stand the idea of cooking at all. This means that there are weeks when I’m really into finding and coming up with great new recipes to make; but, there are also weeks that it takes me a ton of effort to boil water to make pasta for dinner. For times like that, I’m trying to get better about planning ahead. The operative word here is trying.

I had grand plans to do some major organization and freezer stocking last weekend, but it went by too quickly! That’s not to say it wasn’t a good weekend, because it was. And another weekend is already upon us, how does that happen?!

There was a visit to the New England Aquarium, with our niece.


See Dory in the lower right quadrant? I tried to get a picture of her with Nemo, but she just kept swimming.

Fish are fine, but I prefer animals like the sea turtle


and the penguins!



Thanks to the time change on Sunday, I made some “early” morning  Multigrain Waffles.


Multigrain Belgian Waffles, topped with walnuts, raspberries, and just a sprinkle of powdered sugar

I used this recipe from Eating Well. I chose to use corn meal, since I didn’t have any wheat germ on hand, substituted plain yogurt for the buttermilk, and halved the recipe to make two Belgian waffles.

These were really good, and if you like multigrain everything, as I do, you should give this recipe a try.

I don’t usually put powdered sugar on my waffles…but I was trying to hide the fact that I have yet to determine the proper waffle cooking temperature. I had the waffle iron on high and the outsides got pretty dark – yet they weren’t crispy in the middle.

The hubs usually makes the waffles in our house, using his favorite mix, and they always come out crispy and golden. But, I was determined to find a healthier version with some whole grains. Next time I make waffles, I plan to cook them on medium heat and for a bit longer. Next time ,my waffles will be crispy and golden!

After running some errands, we set up our new buffet, which allowed for a bit of organization. We still had some of our fancy wedding gifts stored in their boxes in the bedroom, so it’s nice to finally have a place for everything. At least we got that out of the way before we hit the 3 year mark 😉

I wanted something quick for dinner and did not want to have to deal with a huge cleanup afterwards, so I started looking at the starred recipes in my Google Reader for inspiration – then I remembered one I saw awhile back – Leah’s Cheezy Taco Mac. It looked like the perfect choice for a busy Sunday night. The hubs liked that it was reminiscent of Hamburger Helper and I liked that it looked spicy! I’m still using up jalapenos from the garden, so this was perfect!

I followed Leah’s method, but made the following changes

  • reduced ground turkey to 1/2 lb (my ground turkey was frozen in 1/2 lb packages)
  • reduced pasta to 4oz (whole wheat penne)
  • reduced corn to 1/3 cup
  • used 3 oz of sharp cheddar (but I really want to try this with nutritional yeast once I pick some up)

I kept everything else the same, as I like my food spicy and my pasta dishes saucy. This was a big hit, we finished off the whole thing. Next time, if I don’t have nutritional yeast, I think I would leave the cheese out. Even though I used sharp cheddar, the flavor got a bit lost. I can see how the nutritional yeast would blend in well with the sauce and provide the cheesy flavor that my dish was missing.


Don’t be fooled by the smallish portion, I went back for seconds 🙂

So, maybe I didn’t have a productive weekend in the sense that I had planned to, but life happens. When choosing between getting ahead in the kitchen and spending time with friends and family, 90% of the time I will choose the latter. Now, if only I could combine the two…

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2 Responses to Fish Are Friends, Food is Food

  1. Leah says:

    I’m glad you liked it! Definitely give nutritional yeast a shot!

  2. Amy says:

    I LOVE the New England Aquarium! I hope you and your niece enjoyed it!

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