Busy…but still in the kitchen

I cannot believe that it is already the week of Thanksgiving!


Seriously, where does the time go? It seems like the older I get, the faster the time passes; sometimes, I wish I could just pause it and catch up a bit…too bad it doesn’t work that way.

Last week was a pretty busy week at work – there were several days that the clock seemingly went from 1pm straight to 6pm.  It’s not too bad though, I really like being busy, and I think things will calm down to a more comfortable level by Thursday.

Did I mention I was also super moody last week? That was an awesome addition to a busy week. Besides working, I didn’t really feel like doing anything.


I just could not get out of my own way. I even tried to ignore the voices in my head that were telling me exercise would make me feel better – but thankfully, by midweek, they won. I kicked any sort of workout plan I had to the curb and just did whatever I felt like doing. 3 runs is much better than nothing!

One morning, I went out a did a random loop that ended up being just over 3.5 miles and another, I listened to Felicity on Netflix while doing an easy 4-miler (don’t judge!).   Yesterday, I woke up early (for a Saturday) craving some speedwork, so I ran over to a nearby track and I ran 7 laps (1.75mi). I sprinted the straightaways at around a 7:15/mi pace and jogged the curves. By the end of my workout, I felt amazing. Workouts like that remind me why I do this whole exercise thing. There’s just something about pushing the limits, even without a goal in mind, that is such a confidence booster. I guess the endorphins were a flowin’.

Last weekend, before I turned into a crank, I did manage to try a couple of recipes…

First up, was a seasonal cocktail, an Apple Cider Rumtini from Healthy and Sane, to be exact!

Apple Cider Rumtini

This drink is pretty easy to make, it screams fall, and the best part – it tastes like a drink I’d order in a nice restaurant and pay too much for 🙂 I followed Elina’s recipe exactly and it was perfect, so check it out! I know I will be enjoying a couple more of these as we approach Thanksgiving and the end of Fall.

Since I was making a fancy cocktail, I figured I would also tackle an appetizer I had been meaning to attempt for awhile – Egg Rolls. I wasn’t in the mood for Chinese, but I remembered that Chili’s has Southwestern Egg Rolls and I can always go for something Southwestern / Mexican inspired. To make things even more difficult, I wanted to find a recipe for baked Egg Rolls. I wasn’t in the mood to take out the fryer, plus baked Egg Rolls are healthier!

I used this recipe from Annie’s Eats. Since I misjudged what I had on hand, I replaced some of the corn with chopped red pepper, swapped out regular onions for the green onions, and halved the cheese.

Southwestern Egg Rolls

I loved these! I had some for “dinner” the night I made them with some baby carrots and tortilla chips, and then I enjoyed some with salads for lunch. The hubs requested that I make a version without spinach next time…so, I’ll try that out in the future.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days…I have a few recipes I’d like to try between now and then. Wish me luck!

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One Response to Busy…but still in the kitchen

  1. Yay, so glad you enjoyed the cocktail! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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