How not to run your second long pre-training run

Alternatively titled What not to do, the long run edition or The run that almost wasn’t

The term “long run” is relative. It’s whatever is long for you. I usually run 3-4 miles, so anything over 4.5 miles is long to me. Next weekend, I’ll be putting together my 2nd Half Marathon training plan – but in the mean time I’ve been increasing my distance a bit.


2 weeks ago, I ran my first 6-miler of the season. That went fine. Today, I did it again, but it didn’t go as well. I felt horrible! Yes, it was probably just a fluke, but I decided to compile a list of what not to do before/during your next long run.

  1. Stay in bed, under the warm covers and try to catch up on some blog reading – instead of getting out there first thing in the AM.
  2. Drink coffee, tea (Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!), and Mountain Zevia – but NO water. None.
  3. Eat edamame as an afternoon snack.
  4. Waste more time by stopping at home before the gym (turn the Crockpot to warm, this was smart!) – feel bad about leaving cute, meowing cat.
  5. Make sure the gym is heated to over 75 degrees.
  6. Pick a sucky treadmill that seems to be dragging – move to another a few minutes in.
  7. Question your plan to run 6 miles 10542 times in the first mile.
  8. Swing your shoulders like an idiot while you run, making sure they get good and sore.
  9. Decide to stop at the next half mile, then decide to keep going. Repeat at least 4 times.
  10. At mile 2.5, realize you must go to the bathroom. Now.
  11. Catch glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror. Realize you are sweating profusely, from running a 10min/mi…after just 25 minutes.
  12. Gulp some water. No sipping allowed. Finish 20oz in less than a minute.
  13. Get back on the treadmill and plan to run a mile. Decide that 3.5 miles is plenty for today.
  14. Hit 3.5 miles, realize that you’re more then half done what you planned. Keep going.
  15. Walk a bunch of times between miles 3.5 and 6.0. Play around with the speed. Watch the clock. Question ability to run another Half.

Even though this run felt terrible while I was doing it, once the miles were complete, and I was getting in my car to go home – I realized that I was happy I stuck it out. And I’ll appreciate the next good run that much more.

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