Thanksgiving Eve

Over the long weekend, I was busy having a lot of fun and spending time with family – life > blogging. It was such a whirlwind of a weekend, I can’t believe how much we crammed into 4 days. I think I need another weekend just to recover from it all 🙂

After my difficult Tuesday night run, I started Wednesday morning off with something easier – the Elliptical. I put Felicity on and did a 55 minute pyramid interval workout.

55 Minute Pyramid (Interval) Workout

I completed this workout on an elliptical machine with 12 levels. You could also complete this on a treadmill, increasing the incline by 1% every 5 minutes. Try to keep your pace steady as you increase the resistance, and keep it up after you pass the midpoint!

  • Minutes 01:00-05:00 @ Level 4 (Warm up)
  • Minutes 05:00-10:00 @ Level 5
  • Minutes 10:00-15:00 @ Level 6
  • Minutes 15:00-20:00 @ Level 7
  • Minutes 20:00-25:00 @ Level 8
  • Minutes 25:00-30:00 @ Level 9
  • Minutes 30:00-35:00 @ Level 8
  • Minutes 35:00-40:00 @ Level 7
  • Minutes 40:00-45:00 @ Level 6
  • Minutes 45:00-50:00 @ Level 5
  • Minutes 50:00-55:00 @ Level 4 (Cool down)
  • Even though I was a sweaty mess by the end of it, I still think the elliptical is 10x easier than running.


    I followed my workout with a breakfast that was very appropriate for Thanksgiving Eve…pumpkin pie! Of course, I had an egg with it, so that makes it ok 😉

    I made Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Pie, on Tuesday night, it was my first Pumpkin Pie ever! I don’t think I’ve even tasted a piece before, let alone made one. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon or warm pumpkin and I don’t really like pie crust – but when I saw Mama Pea’s note that “This crust is a little more rustic than a traditional flaky pie crust…”, I knew that this was a recipe that might win me over.


    This pie was delicious! Although I loved this recipe just the way it is, I’d up the amount of molasses in the filling to 1T (instead of 1t), due to others’ feedback. I used Trader Joes Organic Coconut Oil in the crust and I LOVED it! The crust was my favorite part. If you make this pie, and you totally should, make sure you use enough flour when you roll it out – otherwise it will stick a bit.

    I was curious how terrible of a breakfast this was and I was pleasantly* surprised by the stats: (calculated for 8 servings/pie) 247 calories, 8g fat (6g saturated), 40.9g carbs, 6g fiber, 16g sugar, 4.5g protein.

    I thought 6g of saturated fat seemed kind of high so I compared the stats of extra virgin coconut oil to those of butter and did some quick googling…

    Butter (100 calories, 11g fat (7g saturated)) vs. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (120 calories, 14g fat (12g saturated))

    According to Wikipedia,

    Because much of the saturated fat of coconut oil is in the form of lauric acid, coconut oil may be a better alternative to partially hydrogenated vegetable oil when solid fats are required.[23] In addition, virgin coconut oil is composed mainly of medium-chain triglycerides,[24] which may not carry the same risks as other saturated fats

    This makes me want to understand more about saturated fats, as I was under the impression that ALL saturated fat is “bad”, not just that from animal / dairy sources, and that consuming them in excess will lead to an increased LDL and increased Triglycerides. Feel free to direct me to some good sources where I can learn more about tropical oils.

    I had a good, pretty quiet day at work, as the day before a long weekend often is, and then I ventured to the grocery store to pick up a couple last minute things to make my contributions for Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I missed the rush, because it wasn’t bad at all!

    I cleaned up a bit at home before starting my prep, it’s always good to empty the dishwasher before making a mess in the kitchen. While I was on a roll, I decided to throw a batch of laundry in the washer…and I locked myself out.

    Our building’s washer and dryer are located right next to our apartment and I thought I had unlocked the door before I went into the hall; but when I tried the door, it was locked. I freaked out! The hubs wasn’t home, I had no idea what time it was, and nobody else had a key.

    I paced a bit. I thought about knocking on our elderly neighbor’s door to use the phone – but I had no idea what time it was and didn’t want to bother her since she uses a walker to get around. I felt like a weirdo standing in front of my door, so I propped open the outside door and walked around a bit. It was freezing out and I didn’t have my coat! I sat in the hall for a bit until someone came downstairs, then I borrowed a cell phone and got my sister to come pick me up. I’m glad she was home for the long weekend!It was nice to spend some time with her and my Mom, but I had things I needed to be doing.

    By time the hubs got home from helping my Dad, picked me up, stopped at the liquor store, and picked up pizza (Greek veggie, my favorite!), it was 10pm 😦

    I got right to work making my Memere’s French Meat Stuffing/Dressing and Tiramisu. I’ve only made the stuffing once before, and it was my first time making Tiramisu, so it was a long night – but totally worth it!


    Stay tuned, I’ll be back with the recipes this week.

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