9 Yr Dating Anniversary & Some Fun Facts

Yesterday, the hubs and I “celebrated” our 9 year anniversary from the day we started dating. It might sound silly to still acknowledge that date, now that we are married, but to us it is an important day!

Maybe I’ll do a longer “How we met” kind of thing on our 3 year wedding anniversary. For now, here are some fun facts about our pre-dating relationship:

  • We went to the same high school and met through mutual friends when we were 15
  • I dated one of his best (HS) friends off and on for 3 years
  • He also dated one of mine
  • Throughout the 3 years we were friends in HS, we’d entertain our friends with over the top flirting…regardless of who was around
  • I once had a guy ask me out (in HS), and preface the question by asking if I was already seeing Al (hubs)
  • He let me bleach his hair (orange) for school spirit week
  • Senior year, he escorted me to class at least once a day (arms hooked and everything…)
  • We had a study period together senior year, and I always made sure my homework was done so we could sit around and discuss life
  • We had lunch together 2 or 3 days a week (our friends had a different lunch period) and whenever my younger sister broke into my locker and took my lunch, he’d buy me a pizza stick, chocolate milk, and a cookie (I never said it was a healthy lunch)
  • After graduation, all summer long, he would stop by for unannounced visits and stay for hours…even when my then boyfriend was over (LOL)
  • I was the 3rd girl named Lauren that he dated
  • When we started dating 6 months after graduation, we couldn’t believe that no one was very surprised by this – we thought it was nuts

Alright, so looking back…I guess there were some hints. But, we were so different – he was the crazy class clown time and I was the quiet, responsible, rule follower. I guess it’s true what they say, opposites attract 🙂

Hubs & I camping, circa 2003

We haven’t been camping in too long! I love going when it’s cool out though, like early May or October. Also, eek…this picture reminds me why I stopped dying my hair. It was getting kind of orangey!

Hubs had planned to make dinner, eggplant parm, but his grandmother had surgery in the morning and he ended up spending the day at the hospital with his grandfather. Thankfully, she’s fine – it was a scheduled procedure and they were just running behind – she’ll be home tonight! We got some Italian takeout from Trattoria Romana Express and it was SO good! I’ll be sure to do a proper review next time we go there or order, everything they make is delicious and really flavorful. They even make their own desserts!

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