Camera Clueless

I’ve been terrible about taking pictures lately! It doesn’t help that I’m clueless with my camera. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love photography, it’s my favorite type of artwork.

Beautiful photos amaze me, especially the simple ones – but taking pictures just isn’t something I have a knack for. The hubs has taken some great photos of things in the past, but he tends to focus on the scenery – landscapes or landmarks – which is great, but I also like pictures of people. And being able to photograph my creations in the kitchen would be awesome.

It’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity to pick it up. I’ve had a camera for as long as I can remember, my first was one of those cameras that took 110 film. It was purple and had Mickey Mouse on it. I’m pretty sure it was this one:

I got my first digital camera sometime in college. I think they’d been around for a few years, but I held off for a while – I didn’t think they would catch on…I was also wrong about DVDs… 😉 Right now, I’m using the Olympus Stylus 1010. I’ve had this camera for almost 3 years (I got it as a Christmas present the year we got married!) and I’ve only recently started trying settings other than auto. In the past, I always thought that I needed to use the flash to get the best picture…turns out I was wrong. I love manuals and user guides, so I’ve looked through the manual. However, I still don’t really understand the settings. The words on the page just don’t translate into what the settings do, when to use them, etc.

I’ve also been playing around with Paint Shop Pro X2 a bit more. It seems like “everyone” uses Photo Shop or Photo Shop Elements, but I already have PSP X2. I’m kind of familiar with it, since I use it for work and it seems like it has similar capabilities to Photo Shop Elements. I’ve noticed that I have a lot of trouble picking up subtle edits – it’s like when I go to the eye doctor and he asks me which lens clearer, this or this…over and over for an hour and everything starts to look the same.

I know that I need to practice and maybe I should get a better camera – but do I need one? I don’t really think so. (I’ve wanted a new laptop for a while too, but when it comes down to it – I don’t really need a new laptop either.) This season is my favorite time of the year, I love Christmas and Winter and snow! There are a million things to photograph, from the Christmas cookies to the snow-covered tree branches. I just need to do it, since practice is the only way I’m going to get any better. A book or two probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Any recommendations?

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