The time I ran 7 miles before work

Earlier this week, I finalized my Half Marathon training plan. It’s kind of a loose training plan, in that I don’t really care which workout I do on which day of the week.

My main goals are to make sure I get in 3 good runs each week, including my long run, and do some cross training on at least 2 other days. Strength training and stretching are also in there, but I’m terrible at keeping up with both. I’m hoping to find a good yoga or Pilates workout on Exercise TV On Demand or Amazon. I’ve read some good things about Jillian Michaels’ yoga workout – although her 30 Day Shred did a number on my knees.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to bake Christmas cookies at my Dad and stepmom’s! My sisters and I have made an all day event out of this for the last 2 years and it is such a blast. By the end of the night we are usually dancing around the kitchen, covered in flour, and enjoying a cocktail or two 🙂

I had planned to go on my long run tomorrow morning, but it would have to be pretty early and on top of that, I’ve got a busy evening planned tonight too. The hubs and I are planning to see the new Muppet movie (he is psyched!), get some dinner, do a little Christmas shopping, and hopefully prep some cookie dough for tomorrow.

Last night, I decided I would try to get my long run in this morning instead- that way it would be out of the way. My pace is all over the place, so the longest I usually run during the week is 5 miles – but, I knew that I could do it if I gave myself enough time.

By some miracle, I was up and out the door quickly this morning. I thought it was going to be nice out, so I headed out in capri pants and a short-sleeved shirt. I’m not sure what I was thinking! Sure, the temperature was in the low 40s, but it was extremely windy this morning. The wind speed was 25 mph and there were gusts up to 40 mph.

It was pretty nuts! The worst part was running over an overpass, I could feel the wind hitting me on all sides. I just took my time, put my head down, and walked a couple times. I don’t really like walking more than once on a long run, since I don’t plan to walk during the race, but at a few points the wind was blowing right at my face and making it hard to breathe.

I’ve got another 7 miler on the agenda for next week, and I’m hoping to come up with a more interesting route for that. I also need a new playlist…I’m still listening to the one I made in May. I think I have the entire playlist memorized, so it is time for a change!

So, besides the wind and an overused playlist, it was a good run. I felt pretty hardcore running in the wind and getting a 7 miler in before work.

My legs were tired when I finished, but I wasn’t in any pain! My pace was kind of all over the place, but what else is new?

  1. 9:54
  2. 10:28
  3. 10:20
  4. 10:40
  5. 9:57
  6. 10:21
  7. 9:49

Average Pace -10:14/mi

Looking at my splits, I notice a pretty significant up/down pattern in my pace. I’ll take any sort of pattern at this point! The worst mile was definitely mile 4, when I was running up hill and into the wind simultaneously. Good times!

So, I’ll sum up my first 7 miler (since April) by saying that running 7 miles was fun. I mean it! It wasn’t easy and I could have easily put in off and crossed my fingers that I’d get it done tomorrow – but I’m glad I didn’t. It gave me over an hour of time to zone out by myself to think and to sort some stuff out. This time of year makes me think – especially with all of the family get togethers and the promise of the New Year. It is a hopeful time, but it can also be pretty stressful.

Being out there also made me appreciate my hot shower more. Oh, and muffins. Muffins are especially great when I’m starving, and Red Velvet muffins? Genius!

Seriously, though – besides frosting, what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin, anyway?

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4 Responses to The time I ran 7 miles before work

  1. Amy says:

    Awesome job! I ran seven miles this week too. When is your half marathon? We run around the same pace so let me know if you ever want to run together. I’m training for a half too and running with a buddy makes the miles go by soooooo much faster. 🙂

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