Eight is great

I’m really looking forward to January!

  • It’s the start of a New Year – Bring it on 2012, bring it on!
  • It’s full of birthdays – There’s mine, my mom’s, my stepmom’s, and both of hubs’ grandparents. I plan to work on my cake baking skills!
  • It’s our anniversary month – Yes, we thought getting married in January, in New England, was a good idea. Thank goodness it was the ONE day in January that it didn’t snow that year.
  • And, if that’s not enough, the sun starts to rise earlier – I don’t like the dark, so I’m thrilled about this!

As you may have guessed from my catchy title, this week’s long run was 8 miles!

I thought about running it yesterday, but it was 21 degrees, with 25 mph winds. Great combo. The feel like temperature was 7 degrees.

Windy Thursdays seem to be the norm here. I really love the way we have been flip flopping between high 40s and low 20s. It’s great.

I figure that I have two months left to push my limits, so there was no need for me to start this early in the game. I put on an episode of Felicity and did an hour on the elliptical instead.

Last night, I picked out my outfit and charged my iPod and Garmin. I even put all my stuff in one pile, ready to go. I’m learning.

Once my alarm went off, I was able to get up and out the door in 20 minutes. I wore my warm Nike running pants, a long under Armour tank, long-sleeved shirt*, poofy vest, hat, and fleece gloves. I looked like a goober, but I was nice and warm!

*Stupidly, I wore a cotton race shirt between my tank and vest. I got nice and sweaty and it felt lovely. I have vowed not to do that again. Hopefully, I’ll remember.

The first two miles were long and dark, but I didn’t run in to any critters this time! The world seemed very quiet this morning, which was great for thinking. Among other things, I was thinking about the differences between training for this half and training for my last one.

The biggest difference is that I feel stronger this time. Last time, when I started, my longest run had been 4 miles. Somehow, I went from 4 miles to 13.1 in 12 weeks. That is pretty amazing to me.

This time, I feel almost comfortable running 5 miles. It isn’t a comfortable distance for me, like 3 or 4 miles, but it isn’t a struggle. It’s something I do on a weekly basis now.

My average pace was 10:12/mi. Let’s see if I can keep that up.

Also, I was starving when I got home. I swear that I could smell onion bagels on my run this morning. We didn’t have bagels, so I made do with an english muffin. I whipped up some veggie cream cheese to help make it more bagel-like.

I see more veggie cream cheese in my future, this was SO good!

And I rounded out the meal with an orange strawberry banana green monster. It tasted kind of healthy, which means that my proportions were not anything worth sharing.

Antigravity Yoga

Earlier in the week, I tried something completely wacky – Antigravity Yoga. It was nuts and totally outside my comfort zone, but it was a lot of fun!

Somehow, on Christmas Eve we were talking about Yoga and my stepcousin (cousin’s stepsister?), mentioned that she was taking an Antigravity class on Monday night.

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a unique fusion technique, revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. The AntiGravity® Hammock acts as a soft trapeze and as a support while you master simple inversions and finally progress to more advanced poses.”

Source: AntigravityYoga.com

Somehow, I went online and registered. It was very, very unlike me!

There were a bunch of newbies trying the class out on Monday, which worked out really well for me. I tried everything and I only got scared a few times. Once I realized I wasn’t going to fall, I was a lot more comfortable.

Some people were really good, I could tell they’d been practicing for a while!

The teacher was really great though, she gave us basic and advanced modifications as necessary, told us to try things at our own pace, and made me feel really comfortable.

If you’ve never heard of Antigravity yoga, this video is from the studio’s website. It provides a glimpse into what it is all about.

Have you ever heard of (or tried) Antigravity Yoga?

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