That Time I Wore an Eagles Jersey to Watch the Super Bowl and Forgot to Photograph it

Happy Monday!! (err…Tuesday. I meant to post this last night!)

How was that for a hiatus? I didn’t plan to be away for…a month…but it happened. Over the last few weeks I’ve started a few posts, since I’ve been up to a lot – but as you may have noticed, I haven’t finished any!

Do you ever get caught up in one of those “If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all” moods? Well, replace right with “perfectly” and that is the rut I drag myself into. Combine that with a little procrastination and you can have yourself a fine mess. Isn’t fine mess the best phrase ever?

So, here we are on the day after the Super Bowl. I’m from New England, so today is the day we mourn the Patriot’s loss. I’m not really into football, but I can get into supporting our local teams when they’ve made it so far.

I dressed up for the occasion …in a McNabb Eagles Jersey. I had planned to wear my football sweatshirt, literally a sweatshirt with a football on it – very festive, when the hubs joked that I should wear his (Eagles) jersey.

I thought that it was extra funny since McNabb doesn’t actually play for the Eagles anymore.

I went to the grocery store and only got a few funny looks. My favorite comment came from an older gentleman who yelled “Who is number five??” from the other end of the aisle. I smiled, probably looked embarrassed and replied “Well…it was McNabb…” letting my voice trail off.

And that is as much as I know about football.

We watched the game at our friend’s place. And by watch the game, I mean the guys turned the volume up while we talked over much of it. For me, the highlights were commercials and food. My favorite commercials were the Volkswagen one with the dog and the Doritos one with the sling shot baby.  The dog one was really cute and the baby one was funny.

How about that Chrysler one with Clint Eastwood? Kind of deep, eh?  I heard someone on morning news saying that the could come up again as the election gets closer. Interesting.

I made Elena’s Ultimate Healthified Buffalo Chicken dip again and brought plenty of carrots and celery to go with it.


This is what it looked like all mixed up with some of the cheese sprinkled on top. I baked it when we got to their place so it would be nice and hot! This recipe is definitely a winner!

I also enjoyed some brown sugar wings, Doritos, a bunless cheese burger, and half a frosted brownie. Not too bad of a dinner for someone who missed lunch. Sometimes when that happens I end up overdoing it.

I haven’t rambled about running in too long and I’m sure that I am driving the hubs nuts talking to him about it. I can’t help it!

Saturday morning I completed my long run on the bike path. By the way, I cannot believe I’ve been running outside in February! The hubs came along on his bike to keep me company and I probably made him regret it 😉

I whined for the first 20 minutes…and the last half hour. I wanted to stop and stretch or walk, but part of me knew that once wouldn’t really help and that once  I went down that path I’d want to do it again and again.

Aside from that, it was a great run. The weather was nice, there were a ton of ducks in the river, the birds were chirping and I completed TWELVE miles.


I’m always SO happy when it’s over. But I like running, I swear!

My splits were kind of interesting. Maybe I started off too fast?

Mile Split
1 9:47
2 9:41
3 9:30
4 9:46
5 9:32
6 9:49
7 10:04
8 9:52
9 10:02
10 10:34
11 10:03
12 9:36

Total time: 1:58:15 (9:51/mi)

This is fast for me. I don’t know when I got faster. A couple weeks ago, I missed a run or two and cut a few miles off my runs for a week or so because I had an angry tendon (?) in my right ankle. I’ve been wearing a compression brace/sleeve on it when I workout and after most of my runs and it seems to have helped a lot! I’m so glad the swelling went away, my race is only a few weeks away.

Post run, I inhaled most of a wrap from J’s Deli (The Equator) before running around and getting errands done. Our last stop was Target, which just happens to be in the same parking lot as our favorite Chinese place.

Chinese food is SO good when you’re in the mood for it. This was a delicious way to replace all of the salt I lost on my run. (Does anyone else end up coated in salt after their run? I don’t remember this happening in the spring and summer.)

I had Chicken Teriyaki, steamed rice, broccoli and Crab Rangoons. I know they aren’t exactly health food, but I love Crab Rangoons and easily finished off half the order.


I won’t even admit how many hours we spent catching up on Netflix (DVD AND instant)…I’ll just say that I finished off my wrap from lunch ~6 hours after dinner. Whoops.

Gotta love weekends!

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