It’s getting close

We’re Orlando bound in the morning and I’m getting pretty excited for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! A little nervous maybe, but excited nonetheless.

I’m an OK flyer. I really don’t mind flying at all, but I tend to get a bit wacky in the hours leading up to a flight. Sometimes I pick a fight with the hubs, sometimes I go off on crazy cleaning sprees…doing things like reorganizing the bathroom cabinet at 1am the night before an early morning flight.

Since I know that I do this, I decided to take today off and get organized.

I made wheat French Toast with nitrate-free bacon and pineapple for breakfast.

I probably wouldn’t bother making bacon for just myself, I can take it or leave it…but the hubs is a bacon lover. My Dad recently started eating nitrate-free bacon, and now the hubs is on-board too. It is still something that should be enjoyed in moderation, but I think this is a better option.

After breakfast, we went our separate ways for awhile. I headed to the bike path to run an “easy” 5 miler. It snowed a bit during the night and I figured the bike path would be safer than running on the road. It was really quiet out there today, probably because of the weather and the fact that it was mid-morning on a weekday; it was just me and the snow covered trees.

I listened to Felicity on Netflix since it helps me slow down a little. I love running with music, but sometimes I get really into it and end up starting too fast.

One of my takeaways from training for this Half Marathon is that I can run an “easy” 5 miler. When I trained for my first half, I ran two 3 milers a week and one long run that increased every week (plus cross training). I ran most of those long runs in the 10:30 – 11 minute range, and it took a lot out of me. There were a lot of headaches and naps involved 🙂

This time around, I’m a lot more comfortable as a runner. I’m getting a better handle on pacing myself and I don’t have to think about my breathing. Hopefully, this will translate into a good race on Sunday.

I haven’t thought too much about my expectations for time and pace. I have an idea of what I can do, but I’m going to wait and see how things go. The most important thing to me is that I have fun!

From what I’ve heard/read, it is going to be an exciting race. It might be congested at first and there will be a lot to see. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other runners’ costumes.

I’ve put together a princessy outfit of my own. I’m just going as Princess Me. Dorky, but fun! ;

My laundry is put away, everything has been cleaned up, my bags are packed, and my electronics are charging.

Time to get to bed! I have a few early wakeups in my future.</p

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